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The Cumberland Community Schools Society is inviting you to represent your family or business with the loan of a decorated tree for their Santa’s Break Room Fundraising Event (Dec 9 – 11, Village Square). CCSS will be decorating the square with lights and life size dioramas for people to self-tour through, and your tree will be used to increase the sense of seasonal wonder, and to represent our community gathering together in our hearts. This project is to help build a sense of community and participation, and to light up the darkest time of the year. Each tree will display your name or the name of your business, so it’s an visibility opportunity, too! Help make Christmas Magic by participating in our tree gathering ambition.

How it works:

  • You drop off a pre-decorated, standing tree to the Village Square in the afternoon or evening of Wednesday, Dec 8th, or the daytime of Dec 9th. If you need help with delivery, let us know.
  • Your tree is labelled with your name or the name of your business and contact information (for “office use only”).
  • Using the information on your label, we put a Seasonal Greeting postcard on your tree with your name or the name of your business on it.
  • We find a place in Santa’s Break Room to display your tree (we can plug it in if your tree has lights. Please bring a labeled, outdoor extension cord if you have one to loan, otherwise we will find one for your tree.
  • You pick up your tree in the daytime of Sunday, December 12th, and take it home or to your place of business.
  •  We encourage you to have fun and be creative with your tree. Examples of what your tree could be are (but not limited to):
  • Traditional Christmas tree, live or fake
  • Live, potted tree that is decorated
  • Old ladder decorated like a tree
  • 2 dimensional tree (must be free standing)
  • Tomato cage made into a tree
  • Tree made from sticks
  • Any representation of a tree that inspires you

These trees will be outside so please have a tree that can be exposed to the elements.

If you have any questions, or would like to be more involved in this project, please don’t hesitate to contact Robin  at events.ccss@gmail.com.