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1) What is the difference between Cumberland Community School and the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS)?

Cumberland Community School is the Strongstart to Grade 9 public school. Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) is a registered charity that operates out of the school to offer valuable programs & services to Cumberland residents. The Society is run by an 11 member volunteer Board of Directors and staffed with an Executive Director, Lunch Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Youth Support Workers, Bookkeeper and Program Instructors.  CCSS staff are not employed by School District 71.

2) How is CCSS funded?

School District 71 provides core funding (currently 15% of CCSS’s annual budget), which allows the Society to leverage additional funds through grants, donations and fundraisers. This year, other sources of funding include grants (16% of budget), donations (17%), fundraising events (32%), and programming income (20%).

3) Is CCSS different from the PAC?

Yes– while both organizations work to support students, the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) are two separate organizations with different mandates.

The PAC works to support and promote the involvement of parents in their children’s education through events, advocacy and fundraising.  CCSS exists to facilitate lifelong learning, health and wellbeing through community partnerships and collaborative use of school and community resources for the benefit of our village.