CCSS Repair Café Promotes Sustainability

On April 27th, Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) in collaboration with educators from the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) hosted a Repair Cafe at Cumberland Community School. The event aimed to promote sustainable practices by offering repair services for various items, from clothing to lamps, blenders, toys, and more.

The Repair Cafe, a community-driven initiative, saw a great turnout with 164 items brought in for repair. Volunteers, including skilled technicians and enthusiasts, worked for the day to mend and restore items, fostering a culture of reuse and reducing unnecessary waste.  129 of the items were successfully repaired.

“We are thrilled with the response to our Repair Cafes,” said Kate Ashton, Program Coordinator at CCSS. “It’s inspiring to see our community come together to extend the lifespan of their belongings and reduce their environmental impact.”

The event not only provided practical solutions for fixing broken items but also served as an educational platform, with CSWM educators offering insights into waste reduction and sustainable living practices.  Younger participants were able to learn to sew and repurpose fabric or play at the tinker station, taking apart electronic items to get an idea of how they work inside.

“Partnering with CCSS for the Repair Cafe aligns perfectly with our mission to promote waste reduction” remarked Lindsay Eason, Public Educator at CSWM. “Repair cafes not only help divert items from landfills but also empower individuals to be more resilient.”

The success of the Repair Cafe underscores the growing interest in sustainable living practices and the willingness of communities to embrace alternative solutions to reduce waste.