Food Share Program at CCSS Cumberland Community Schools Society

Food Share

The Food Share provides regular deliveries of Healthy Food Hampers to Cumberland residents who are not able to purchase food due to financial barriers. Established in April 2020, the goal is to ensure that all Village residents have access to nutritious food.

If you need help:

  1. If you are currently unable to access food due to financial restraints, please fill out our FOOD ASSISTANCE REQUEST FORM.
  2. Stop by the Food Shed at 2688 Penrith Avenue and take home a few items.

Healthy Food Hampers are delivered every 2nd Friday and include fresh produce, dairy, meat (or alternatives) and bread. The program is open to Cumberland residents who are experiencing financial barriers to meeting their food needs.

Residents may also register for the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market Coupon Program to receive coupons to purchase whole foods at our local markets. LINK TO REGISTER.

For more information please email foodshare at or check out our blog post on the Cumberland Food Bank.



Make an impact in your local community by donating to CCSS. Your contribution will help to provide free meals & food hampers, barrier free programming and safe spaces for children & families to connect. All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt. Contributions of $1,000+ will be recognized on our website with the donor’s permission.